i just want to tell all my followers that i am taking a hiatus from this blog and the phandom
some of u guys changed a wholeee lot recently and i have given up on this place
oh how i loathe people that think they have the right to tell how phans have to feel about the characters and why i shouldn’t like this because THEY consider it wrong and why i should like that because they consider it cute
and i have to say that its very very interesting to watch a character that just months before was the most beloved of all and is now bashed and called a “jerk” an “idiot” and simply “unworthy of love”
i really gotta say that from all the people i follow there are some now that i regret to have pressed the “follow” button on their blog.
it’s not that im getting off tumblr no i love tumblr im just going to another much more friendly fandom and ill return later to see if these same people that i now dislike will still believe that by making people like something u have to unleash hate on the other thing

ive seen people here telling others they weren’t phans enough or didn’t know phantom enough just because they didn’t watch all the adaptations or just because they liked a stage version that that person didn’t OR WORSE because their favorite ALW phantom wasn’t leroux enough or he simply GOT IT ALL WRONG (i just love the arguments)

and i find it sad that weve come to the point where just because someone doesn’t agree with something that a part of the phandom does they will be bashed or EVEN mocked at

and now ill be doing what most of my friends that just a few months ago kept an active phantom blog for the phandom have done because they werent heard or they received hate directly or indirectly at them im abandoning the phandom

and last but not least i am saying all this because it’s something ive been holding inside of me for months and u probably think i am the only bitch with this opinion on the phandom but i know and ive talked to phans that feel the same way that i do and because of that i feel the need to confess all of these things

u all say ure very friendly with everyone well guess what? WE DONT SEE IT
u treat people like shit just because they have different opinions from you
good to know i can’t share how i fell that’s exactly what i expected from a fandom
which should be the place where fans come to when they find other people with the same interests in something and usually think they’ll be treated the way they actually should

well that’s what i wanted to say

and if you’d like to know my new url just send me an ask and ill tell u

Norbert Leo Butz speaks up against violence against women 

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Congratulations to Les Miserables Broadway on 3 Tony Award nominations!

I didn’t even mean to ship it this hard
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this will always be my favorite picture

I just peed my pants


I think the thing I’m most excited about for the Into The Woods movie is the fact that we’re going to hear Meryl Streep rap about vegetables. What a time to be alive.







why do people still refer to les mis as les miz, please love yourselves

you people are the ones deluding yourselves. “les mis” is at best an acceptable variant.

please just please let people refer…

my bad then sorry! i just didn’t know it was a jk and felt like “if someday i write les miz instead of les mis will that mean i don’t love myself anymore?” hahah

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film meme: [1] film you’ll never get tired of watching  chicago (2002)

"would you please tell the audience… err… the jury what happened?"

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replace one word of your url with bitch





why do people still refer to les mis as les miz, please love yourselves

you people are the ones deluding yourselves.  “les mis” is at best an acceptable variant. 

please just please let people refer to things the way that they want

dude i was kidding, chill

NO it wasn’t with u!
i just thought that the whole: “why do people still refer to les mis as les miz, PLEASE LOVE YOURSELVES”
to be kind of a hate message

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